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2017 Arnold Sports Festival

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The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival took place March 2-5th in Columbus, Ohio; one of the most renowned and largest  fitness expositions in the world. With over 200,000 attendees packed into the Greater Columbus Convention Center the atmosphere is unparalleled to any other fitness festival. It attracts an astounding 18,000 athletes and 1,000 fitness EXPO booths at the event.  Virus Performance made its home in the Weightlifting Hall at the Arnold Sports Festival where athletes represented strongly both on and off the platform. The Arnold Weightlifting Championships are just one of 52 competitive  events that take place throughout the weekend. Athletes representing Virus Performance on the platform included Colin Burns, Yadier Quesada , Kristin Pope. Yadier Quesada of 210 Weightlifting was the sinclair champion snatching 152kg and a 193kg clean & jerk. Colin Burns Juggernaut Athlete ended Saturday with a 170kg Snatch and 190kg Clean & Jerk.  Kristen Pope also a Juggernaut Athlete set a competition PR Total with 191kg finishing second overall by sinclair. Virus takes great pride building community at the Arnolds Sports Festival; a special thank you to all the athletes and fans for stopping by the booth throughout the weekend.


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