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Athlete - Fernando Stalla

Fernando Stalla

Vteam Athlete Fernando Stalla, is one of the top Standup paddle athletes in world. Fernando Stalla lives in Sayulita, Mexico, where he dedicates his time to perfecting his craft and technique. Stalla began his SUP career in 2010 and has won numerous titles since. Stalla has also qualified for the Mexican National SUP Surf Team. Stalla believes that “passion is a word people often use, but very few people actually feel it and live it. Those who follow their passion give meaning to their life, direction to their mind, and motivate their body.” Fernando Stalla not only understands the importance of passion, but has also committed himself to living a life structured to fulfill his own passion. Fernando Stalla’s successful career was discovered by his love for the ocean, the beauty of waves, and the messages found in the sand. Virus Performance is proud to call the passionate Fernando Stalla, a Vteam Athlete.


Stand Up Paddle | Team Mexico


Sayulita | Mexico

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